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[PROPOSAL] Azure ARM shared resource group

Hi Brooklyners

I have recently investigated an issue that occurs when Brooklyn is
deploying a blueprint to Azure ARM. On every deployment, Brooklyn will
start by creating a shared resource group [1] and add all the blueprint VMs
into it. This is nice because all VMs are therefore able to talk to each

But, the main issue here is that this shared resource group is never
deleted. You end up with a load of unused resource groups that you have to
delete manually via the UI (one by one) or the CLI. While this won't cost
you money (resources groups are just logical groups of resources) that
leads to a very annoying issue: after a while, you will run out of resource
groups, which will make subsequent deployments fail. Worse, I think it
particularly bad that we don't clean up after ourselves, leaving resources
that will prevent you from using you account.

As it stands, I can see 2 solutions to fix this:
1. try to remove the shared resource group after a VM is deleted. In case
of a mutli-VM deployment, this will fail for the first attempts (as you
cannot delete a resource group if it is not empty) but should succeed once
the last VM is deleted
2. remove this code from `JcloudsLocation.java` file and use only jClouds
`network` configuration to specify the network the VM should be in. We
could also create an initializer from this code that will create a shared
resource group, but only while setup (i.e. conscious choice from the user)

I'm leaning toward the second option here, as I think it's not Brooklyn
responsibility to sort out the networking. You should just pass the
relevant options to make your deployment successful. I believe it is the
responsibility of the cloud account owner to make sure VMs within the same
network can talk to each other.

Either way, we need to fix this. WDYT?



Thomas Bouron • Senior Software Engineer @ Cloudsoft Corporation •
Github: https://github.com/tbouron
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eltibouron