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  • London Apache Beam meetup 5, Matthias Baetens
  • [Call for items] Beam June Newsletter, Griselda Cuevas
  • Beam leaving temporary datasets in BigQuery, Andrew Jones
  • Apache Beam Summit in Europe, Matthias Baetens
  • Beam YouTube channel, Matthias Baetens
  • Testing an updating side input on global window, Carlos Alonso
  • Java based AWS IO connector, S. Sahayaraj
  • Support for graph processing, Jan Callewaert
  • How to process data, maxime.dejeux
  • Generate Beam Pipeline from JSON, S. Sahayaraj
  • Understanding GenerateSequence and SideInputs, Carlos Alonso
  • Eventual errors reading from ActiveMQ/JmsIO, Edward Pricer
  • writing to maprfs?, Akanksha Sharma B