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Routing events by key


I have an unbounded stream of change events each of which has the id of the entity that is changed.
To avoid the need for locking in the persistence layer that is needed in part of my processing I want to route all events based on this entity id.
That way I know for sure that all events around a single entity go through the same instance of my processing sequentially, hence no need for locking or other synchronization regarding this persistence.

At this point my best guess is that I need to use the GroupByKey but that seems to need a Window. 
I think I don't want a window because the stream is unbounded and I want the lowest possible latency (i.e. a Window of 1 second would be ok for this usecase).
Also I want to be 100% sure that all events for a specific id go to only a single instance because I do not want any race conditions.

My simple question is: What does that look like in the Beam Java API?

Best regards / Met vriendelijke groeten,

Niels Basjes