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Re: Go SDK: How are re-starts handled?

The job name is a user chosen value[1]. If you don't specify something, a job name is generated for you automatically[2].

1: https://github.com/apache/beam/blob/c1927cd339c57125e29a651e614fb5105abf6d33/sdks/go/pkg/beam/options/jobopts/options.go#L38
2: https://github.com/apache/beam/blob/c1927cd339c57125e29a651e614fb5105abf6d33/sdks/go/pkg/beam/options/jobopts/options.go#L71

On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 3:28 PM eduardo.morales@xxxxxxxxx <eduardo.morales@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 2018/06/22 21:35:29, Lukasz Cwik <lcwik@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There can only be one pipeline in Dataflow with the same job name so if you
> attempt to submit another job with the same job name you'll get back an
> identifier for the currently executing pipeline.

But beam.Run() only returns an error. How do I get the job name back?
My guess is that I have to use a different API (https://godoc.org/google.golang.org/api/dataflow/v1b3). Is that the correct way to detect job name collisions?

Thanks again.

> On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 2:27 PM eduardo.morales@xxxxxxxxx <
> eduardo.morales@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > If I have a k8s process launching dataflow pipelines, what happens when
> > the process is restarted? Can Apache Beam detect a running pipeline and
> > join accordingly? or will the pipeline be duplicated?
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >