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Chasing "Cannot output with timestamp" errors

Hi everyone!!

I have a job that reads heterogeneous messages from PubSub and, depending on its type, writes them to the appropriate BigQuery table and I keep getting random "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot output with timestamp" errors that I cannot identify, and I can't even figure out which part of the code is actually throwing the Exception by looking at the stacktrace...

You can find the full stacktrace here: https://pastebin.com/1gN4ED2A and a couple of job ids are this 2018-04-26_08_56_42-10071326408494590980 and this: 2018-04-27_09_19_13-15798240702327849959

Trying to, at least, figure out the source transform of the error, the logs says the trace was at stage S2, but I don't know how to identify which parts of my pipeline form which stages...