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Re: 2019 Beam Events

Thanks for sharing, Gris! This list will likely never be complete, as there are endless conferences :)

Nevertheless, it's a great idea to coordinate the attendance for the major ones.


On 03.12.18 23:33, Griselda Cuevas wrote:
Hi Beam Community,

I started curating industry conferences, meetups and events that are relevant for Beam, this initial list I came up with <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CloF63FOKSPM6YIuu8eExjhX6xrIiOp5j4zPbSg3Apo/edit#gid=0>. *I'd love your help adding others that I might have overlooked.* Once we're satisfied with the list, let's re-share so we can coordinate proposal submissions, attendance and community meetups there.