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Re: [DISCUSS] Structuring Java based DSLs


it sounds good to me.


On 30/11/2018 15:29, Jan Lukavský wrote:
> Hi community,
> I'm part of Euphoria DSL team, and on behalf of this team, I'd like to
> discuss possible development of Java based DSLs currently present in
> Beam. In my knowledge, there are currently two DSLs based on Java SDK -
> Euphoria and SQL. These DSLs currently share only the SDK itself,
> although there might be room to share some more effort. We already know
> that both Euphoria and SQL have need for retractions, but there are
> probably many more features that these two could share.
> So, I'd like to open a discussion on what it would cost and what it
> would possibly bring, if instead of the current structure
>   Java SDK
>     | ---- SQL
>     | ---- Euphoria
> these DSLs would be structured as
>   Java SDK ---> Euphoria ---> SQL
> I'm absolutely sure that this would be a great investment and a huge
> change, but I'd like to gather some opinions and general feelings of the
> community about this. Some points to start the discussion from my side
> would be, that structuring DSLs like this has internal logical
> consistency, because each API layer further narrows completeness, but
> brings simpler API for simpler tasks, while adding additional high-level
> view of the data processing pipeline and thus enabling more
> optimizations. On Euphoria side, these are various implementations joins
> (most effective implementation depends on data), pipeline sampling and
> more. Some (or maybe most) of these optimizations would have to be
> implemented in both DSLs, so implementing them once is beneficial.
> Another benefit is that this would bring Euphoria "closer" to Beam core
> development (which would be good, it is part of the project anyway,
> right? :)) and help better drive features, that although currently
> needed mostly by SQL, might be needed by other Java users anyway.
> Thanks for discussion and looking forward to any opinions.
>   Jan

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com