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Re: MetricResult querying design questiosn

(1)-(3) make sense to me; perhaps (2) can be autogenerated by gRPC and wrapped into nicer APIs as desired. I think if you transliterate from Java to proto3 then the sketches in the "Querying Metrics" section of http://s.apache.org/beam-metrics-api have some of the same ideas - what is left blank is what MetricsFilters would support.


On Tue, Nov 20, 2018 at 5:39 PM Alex Amato <ajamato@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was wondering if we have some design about MetricResult querying, which is a queryable object that exists on the PipelineResult.

IMO, the way this should ideally work, is:

(1) The runner would be responsible for querying the metrics, since a Runner will have its own metrics aggregation system, which can be queried.

(2) Then APIs to invoke this need to be implemented in every language. We need API bindings for every language, but would want them to delegate to the Runner

(3) Further, we would need a way to unify how all of the runners communicate metrics, i.e. we should have some semantics, that if a Metrics/MonitoringInfos with a certain spec should be returned in the MetricResult in a specific way (That is to avoid weird issues, like Dataflow Runner modifying some PTransform names for example).

Ideally, The MetricResult should give you the same metric no matter which runner you are using.

I don't think this is the case today. I think it might be more true that each SDK needs to figure out which runner its using and invoke some code to query metrics for that runner.

Is there a document somewhere? Or if anyone has implemented this, for one of the runners+sdks, would it be possible to give a brief overview of how this works?