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Portable wordcount on Flink runner broken

Since last few days, the steps under https://beam.apache.org/roadmap/portability/#python-on-flink are broken.

The gradle task hangs because the job server isn't able to launch the docker container. 

./gradlew :beam-sdks-python:portableWordCount -PjobEndpoint=localhost:8099

[CHAIN MapPartition (MapPartition at 36write/Write/WriteImpl/DoOnce/Impulse.None/beam:env:docker:v1:0) -> FlatMap (FlatMap at 36write/Write/WriteImpl/DoOnce/Impulse.None/beam:env:docker:v1:0/out.0) (8/8)] INFO org.apache.beam.runners.fnexecution.environment.DockerEnvironmentFactory - Still waiting for startup of environment tweise-docker-apache.bintray.io/beam/python:latest for worker id 1

Unfortunately this isn't covered by tests yet. Is anyone aware what change may have caused this or looking into resolving it?