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A new Beam Runner on Apache Nemo

Hello all!

I'm a member of the Apache Nemo community, another Apache project for processing big data focusing on easy-to-use, flexible optimizations for various deployment environments. More information can be seen on our website. We've been building the system for quite a while now, and we have been using Apache Beam as one of the programming layers that we support for writing data processing applications. We have already taken a look at the capability matrix of Beam runners, and the runner authoring guide, and we have been successful in implementing a large portion of the capability criteria.

With the progress, we wish to be able to list our runner as one of the Beam runners, to  be able to notify the users that our system supports Beam, and that Beam users have another option to choose from for running their data processing applications. It would be lovely to know the details of the process required for it!