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Re: Updated beam contribute page, development tips for languages in wiki

In the case of "Contact Us", the redundancy is deliberate-- we received feedback on the Contribution Guide that the content is heavy and it wasn't obvious how to find help. We wanted the "Contact Us" link as visible as possible, so the proposed solution was to have it in both sidebars.

In my opinion I don't think a strict content hierarchy is necessary in the sidebar, and we should instead focus on providing the right context. We'll hit additional cases like this as more content moves out to the wiki.

Some additional details on the original feedback is in JIRA: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/BEAM-5735

On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 10:02 AM Kenneth Knowles <klk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
And the site map structure actually has a couple more issues:

 - Contribute > Roadmap is the same as top-level Roadmap
 - Contribute > Contact Us is the same as Community > Contact Us.
 - Contribute > PMC and Committers is the same as Community > Team
 - Contribute > Policies > * is separate from Community > Policies, for good reasons but it looks weird

I don't mean this only as a critique of the change, but also of the prior structure, which seemingly didn't work well.

Sam/Thomas/Scott also - was it the case that while working through contributing it was unclear where these resources could be found? Is there a better division here? I think previously the Contribute and Community sections were one and the same, but we split them to put more heavyweight stuff under Contribute.