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Re: Updated beam contribute page, development tips for languages in wiki

I just walked through it, and this is really great. It really strikes a good balance between detail, flexibility, and simplicity.

I notice that it links to a design docs Google Drive folder, versus https://beam.apache.org/contribute/design-documents/ or a wiki page.


On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 9:21 AM Alan Myrvold <amyrvold@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks to feedback from Sam when he got started with Beam, and helpful suggestions from Thomas and Scott, the beam contribute [1] page has been updated to hopefully make contributions easier, and the beam wiki [2] has been updated with an FAQ and tips for Java, Python, Go, Gradle, Jenkins and website contributions.

The tips pages are a little light, so if you have ideas for developers, please sign up for the wiki and ask for wiki access on dev@, and add in your favorite tips.