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Re: Beam website sources migrated to apache/beam

Very nice !

Thanks Scott and everyone


Le vendredi 05 octobre 2018 à 16:30 -0700, Scott Wegner a écrit :
I'm excited to announce that source code for the Beam website has been successfully migrated to the apache/beam repository [1]. This makes website contributions first-class and consolidates our tooling and processes [2]. Website validation and HTML generation are integrated into our Gradle build (./gradlew :beam-website:check) and orchestrated via our standard Jenkins infrastructure. We expect this will greatly improve PR reliability. For more background: https://s.apache.org/beam-site-automation 

New website contributions should be made in the apache/beam repository. We'll work on draining off and migrating outstanding PR's from the old repository before we disconnect Mergebot and fully retire the previous branch.

We hope the new contribution experience will be seamless and make your website contributions the best part of your day. If you find any rough edges or areas for improvement, please add them to the fit-and-finish list here: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/BEAM-5671

Big thanks to everyone who helped out with this project: Jason Kuster and Melissa Pashniak for their mentorship, Thomas Weise and Robert Bradshaw for design feedback, and Alan Myrvold and Udi Meiri for implementation and documentation.