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Re: [DISCUSS] Beam public roadmap

Great idea, Kenn!

How about putting the roadmap in the Confluent wiki? We can link the page from the web site.

The timeline should not be too specific but should give users an idea of what to expect.

On 10.10.18 22:43, Romain Manni-Bucau wrote:
What about a link in the menu. It should contain a list of features and estimate date with probable error (like "in 5 months +- 1 months) otherwise it does not bring much IMHO.

Le mer. 10 oct. 2018 23:32, Kenneth Knowles <kenn@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:kenn@xxxxxxxxxx>> a écrit :

    Hi all,

    We made an attempt at putting together a sort of roadmap [1] in the
    past and also some wide-ranging threads about what could be on it
    [2]. and I think we should pick it up again. The description I
    really liked was "strategic and user impacting initiatives (ongoing
    and future) in an easy to consume format" [3]. It seems that we had
    feedback asking for a Roadmap at the London summit [4].

    I would like to first focus on meta-questions rather than what would
    be on it:

      - What style / format should it have to be most useful for users?
      - Where should it be presented?

    I asked a couple people to try to find the roadmap on the web site,
    as a test, and they didn't really know which tab to click on first,
    so that's a starting problem. They didn't even find Works In
    Progress [5] after clicking Contribute. The level of detail of that
    list varies widely.

    I'd also love to see hypothetical formats for it, to see how to
    balance pithiness with crucial details.



    [5] https://beam.apache.org/contribute/#works-in-progress