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Re: [DISCUSS] Beam public roadmap

What about a link in the menu. It should contain a list of features and estimate date with probable error (like "in 5 months +- 1 months) otherwise it does not bring much IMHO.

Le mer. 10 oct. 2018 23:32, Kenneth Knowles <kenn@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
Hi all,

We made an attempt at putting together a sort of roadmap [1] in the past and also some wide-ranging threads about what could be on it [2]. and I think we should pick it up again. The description I really liked was "strategic and user impacting initiatives (ongoing and future) in an easy to consume format" [3]. It seems that we had feedback asking for a Roadmap at the London summit [4].

I would like to first focus on meta-questions rather than what would be on it:

 - What style / format should it have to be most useful for users?
 - Where should it be presented?

I asked a couple people to try to find the roadmap on the web site, as a test, and they didn't really know which tab to click on first, so that's a starting problem. They didn't even find Works In Progress [5] after clicking Contribute. The level of detail of that list varies widely.

I'd also love to see hypothetical formats for it, to see how to balance pithiness with crucial details.