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[DISCUSS] Gradle for the build ?

Hi guys,

I know that's a hot topic, but I have to bring this discussion on the table.

Some months ago, we discussed about migrating our build from Maven to
Gradle. One of the key expected improvement was the time to build.
We proposed to do a PoC to evaluate the impacts and improvements, but
this PoC was actually directly a migrate on master.

Now, I would like to bring facts here:

1. Build time
On my machine, the build time is roughly 1h15. It's pretty long, and
regarding what the build is doing, I don't see huge improvement provided
by Gradle.
2. Build reliability
Even worse, most of the time, we need to use --no-parallel and
--no-daemon to have a reliable build (it's basically recommended for
release). It has an impact on build time, and we loose part of Gradle
3. Release and repositories
Even if couple of releases has been performed with Gradle, it's not
obvious to see improvements around artifacts handling. I got my
repository polluted twice (that's part of the trick Gradle is doing to
speed up the build dealing around the repository).
4. IDE integration
We already had some comments on the mailing lists about the IDE
integration. Clearly, the situation is not good on that front too. The
integration on IDE (especially IntelliJ) is not good enough right now.

We are working hard to grow up the community, and from a contributor
perspective, our build system is not good today IMHO.
As a contributor, I resumed my work on some PRs, and I'm spending so
much time of the build, largely more than working on the PRs code itself.

So, obviously, the situation is not perfect, at least from a contributor

The purpose of this thread is not again to have a bunch of replied
ending nowhere. I would like to be more "pushy" and let's try to be
concrete. So basically, we only have two options:

1. Improve the build, working hard on Gradle front. Not sure if it makes
such sense from a contributor perspective, as Maven is really well known
from most of contributors (and easier to start with IMHO).
2. Back on Maven. That's clearly my preferred approach. IDE integration
is better, Maven is well known from the contributors as already said.
The effort is not so huge. We tried to use Gradle, we don't have the
expected results now, that's not a problem, it's part of a project lifetime.

Thoughts ?


Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com