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Re: [PROPOSAL] Beam jira bot exceptions


It would be great to be able to configure "known issues" ;)


On 10/09/2018 15:07, Etienne Chauchot wrote:
> Hi,
> The bot for dependency checks opens tickets automatically when it sees
> staled dependencies. But in some cases it is perfectly normal. 
> For example, in elasticsearchIO we have the core module (used by the
> users) that is compatible with all the versions (for backward
> compatibility and ease of use). But there is also one test module per
> supported version (v2, v5, v6) that runs tests against an embedded
> version of ES. These modules contain ES deps in v2, v5 and v6.
> In such a case the bot should not open a ticket. Shall we configure it
> with exceptions ?
> Note that for now I closed the related tickets.
> Best
> Etienne

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend - http://www.talend.com