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[Proposal] Track non-code contributions in Jira

Hi Beam Community, 

I'd like to start tracking non-code contributions for Beam, specially around these six categories: 
1) Project Management
2) Community Management
3) Advocacy
4) Events & Meetups
5) Documentation
6) Training

The proposal would be to create six boards in Jira, one per proposed category, and as part of this initiative also clean the already existing "Project Management" component, i.e. making sure all issues there are still relevant. 

After this, I'd also create a landing page in the website that talks about all types of contributions to the project.

The reason for doing this is mainly to give visibility to some of the great work our community does beyond code pushes in Github. Initiatives around Beam are starting to spark around the world, and it'd be great to become an Apache project recognized for our outstanding community recognition. 

What are your thoughts?