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Re: [DISCUSS] Use Confluence wiki for non-user-facing stuff

+1. It would be very helpful to have dev-facing walkthroughs / technical documentation for relevant aspects of the codebase that aren't user-facing.

On Thu, Jun 7, 2018, 1:23 PM Kenneth Knowles <klk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I've been in half a dozen conversations recently about whether to have a wiki and what to use it for. Some things I've heard:

 - "why is all this stuff that users don't care about here?"
 - "can we have a lighter weight place to put technical references for contributors"

So I want to consider as a community starting up our wiki. Ideas for what could go there:

 - Collection of links to design docs like https://beam.apache.org/contribute/design-documents/
 - Specialized walkthroughs like https://beam.apache.org/contribute/docker-images/
 - Best-effort notes that just try to help out like https://beam.apache.org/contribute/intellij/
 - Docs on in-progress stuff like https://beam.apache.org/documentation/runners/jstorm/
 - Expanded instructions for committers, more than https://beam.apache.org/contribute/committer-guide/
 - BIPs / summaries of collections of JIRA
 - Docs sitting in markdown in the repo like https://github.com/apache/beam/blob/master/sdks/CONTAINERS.md and https://github.com/apache/beam-site/blob/asf-site/README.md (which will soon not be a toplevel README)

What do you think?

(a) should we do it?
(b) what should go there?
(c) what should not go there?