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Re: [PROPOSAL] Prepare Beam 2.7.0 release

+1 Charles thank you for taking this up and helping us maintain this schedule. 

On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 11:29 AM Charles Chen <ccy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey everyone,

Our release calendar indicates that the process for the 2.7.0 Beam release should start on September 7.

I volunteer to perform this release and propose the following schedule:
  • We start triaging issues in JIRA this week.
  • I will cut the initial 2.7.0 release branch on September 7.
  • After September 7, any blockers will need to be manually cherry-picked into the release branch.
  • After tests pass and blockers are fully addressed, I will move on and perform other release tasks.
What do you think?