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[python SDK][IO Connector][mongoDB]

Dear Dev's,
I am initiating a first demonstrator at my company with Apache Beam / Dataflow and one of the first requirements we have is being able to read/write from mongoDB.
Since, mongoDB IO connector is currently only available for Java SDK, we started to work on a Python version.
It is currently hosted in this GH repository: https://github.com/PEAT-AI/beam-extended
I also opened a Jira Issue: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/BEAM-5148
I would be happy to move forward with its contribution to the Apache Beam code base and therefore would like to have your feedback.
Very best regards,

Pascal Gula
Senior Data Engineer / Scientist +49 (0)176 34232684
www.plantix.net PEAT GmbH Kastanienallee 4 10435 Berlin // Germany Download the App!