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Re: [VOTE] Community Examples Repository

2 - I like the idea of having a separate repo where we can have more freedom to check in examples. However, we benefit from having immediate core examples in Beam for testing purposes.

On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 9:38 AM David Cavazos <dcavazos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone!

We discussed several options as well as some of the implications of each option. Please vote for your favorite option, feel free to back it up with any reasons that make you feel that way.

1) Move all samples to a new examples repository
2) Move some samples to a new examples repository
3) Leave samples where they are

Some implications to creating a new repository:
- Every example would be independent from every other example, so tests can be run in parallel
- Examples would now show how to use Beam externally
- The examples repository would need a testing infrastructure
- Decoupling makes examples easier to test on different versions
- Easier to copy-paste an existing example and start from there, almost like a template
- Smaller size for the core Beam library
- Two different repositories to maintain
- Versioning could mirror Beam's current version