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[DISCUSSION] Tracking & Visualizing various metrics of the Beam community

Continuing the discussion about improving Beam code review, I am looking into visualizing various helpful Beam community metrics such as code velocity, reviewer load, and new contributor's engagement.

So far, I found DevStats, an open source (github) dashboarding tool used by Kubernetes, seems to provide almost everything we need. For example, they have dashboards for metrics such as:
It would be really cool if we can try it out for Beam. I don't have much experience using open source projects. From what I understand: DevStats is developed by CNCF and they manage their incubator projects' dashboard. Since Beam is not part of the CNCF, in order to use DevStats, we have to fork the project and maintain it ourselves.

1. What do you think about using DevStats for Beam? Do you know how it is usually done?
2. If you are not sure about DevStats, do you know any other tool which could help us track & visualize Beam metrics?

Thanks, Huygaa