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Re: Community Examples Repository


I don't have problem to move the examples in a dedicated repository. However, IMHO, we have to:

1. Keep a build of examples linked to latest core release/SNAPSHOT
2. Include the examples in the distribution (convenient for the users)

On another topic, I think it would be better to avoid usage of Google Doc for such kind of discussion and directly share on the mailing list (at least a summary/light details).


On Thursday, August 02, 2018 00:12 CEST, David Cavazos <dcavazos@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone!
We wanted to migrate the examples from the core repository to a new Beam community examples repository. As the number of examples grow, it makes sense to modularize and decouple the core functionality from the examples.
We will also create some guidelines with the best practices for new examples to be submitted.
For more details, feel free to take a look and comment on the proposal.