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Re: Looking for contributors for Python 3 support

Thanks, Robbe!

I also sent https://github.com/apache/beam-site/pull/441 to cover this information on Beam Site for better visibility.

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 6:36 AM, Robbe Sneyders <robbe.sneyders@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hello everyone,

We have started adding Python 3 support to Beam. It took a while to get the best approach sorted out, but the first PR [1] has been merged and we're ready to start working on additional subpackages in parallel. We would like to prevent regression as much as possible, so any help to speed up the process is appreciated!

A Kanban board with the open issues can be found at [2]. If you're interested to help, you can select a subpackage to port and assign yourself the corresponding issue (or comment on the issue if you cannot assign yourself).

The used approach is documented in [3] . We are currently working on step 2.

When submitting a new PR, you can tag me (@RobbeSneyders), @aaltay, and @tvalentyn.




Robbe Sneyders

ML6 Gent 

M: +32 474 71 31 08