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triggers in direct runner

Hello Beam Devs,
I'm working on DSL-Euphoria. And I found that when GroupByKey transform is executed on direct runner, window triggers are evaluated element-wise (ReduceFnRunner#processElement) but not actually fired element-wise. They are fired (pane is emitted) when whole batch of elements is processed (ReduceFnRunner#processElements).

I also suspects that elements are already grouped by key when they reach ReduceFnRunner#processElements so triggers are fired only once per whole group.

I'm confused by this behavior since Beam Programming guide has examples with element-wise triggerning (see paragraph

Is this a wanted behavior? And does every Beam Runner do it the same (portability)? Or do I miss something?

Any kind of help or guidance is appreciated.
Thank you.
Vaclav Plajt

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