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Arrow JS 0.4.0 Release

Hi all,
It's been quite a while since our last major Arrow JS release (0.3.0 on
February 22!), and since then we've added several new features that will
make Arrow JS much easier to adopt. We've added convenience functions for
creating Arrow vectors and tables natively in JavaScript, an IPC writer,
and a row proxy interface that will make integrating with existing JS
libraries much simpler.

I think it's time we cut 0.4.0, so I spent some time closing out or
postponing the last few JIRAs in JS-0.4.0. I got it down to just one JIRA
which involves documenting the release process - hopefully we can close
that out as we go through it again.

Please let me know if you think it makes sense to cut JS-0.4.0 now, or if
you have any concerns.