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Making a bugfix 0.11.1 release

hi folks,

As a result of ARROW-3514, we need to release new Python packages
quite urgently since major functionality (Parquet writing on many
Linux platforms) is broken out of the box


We have a couple options:

* Release from master
* Release 0.11.0 + minimum patches to include the ARROW-3514 fix and
any follow up patches to fix packaging

There is the option to "not" release but it could cause confusion for
people because PyPI does not allow replacing wheels; a new version
number has to be created.

What would folks like to do? Who can help with the RM duties? Since a
72 hour vote is a _should_ rather than _must_, we could reasonably
close the release vote in < 72 hours and push out packages faster if
it is scope limited to the zlib bug fix