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CUDA context management questions


While researching CUDA context management code in arrow,

I noticed the following:
CudaContextImpl has a member own_context_ that seems not being initialized
anywhere. The member own_context_ determines whether the context will be
destroyed or not (see CudaContextImpl Close method).
Is this a bug or am I missing something?

The reason why I was looking at this, was establishing a interoperability
between numba.cuda and pyarrow.cuda. The idea is to be able to use
numba.cuda defined context within pyarrow.cuda somehow and the own_context_
member seems to be relevant for that. However, there seems to be no API to
use it.
Is this work-in-progress?

Finally, what do you think, is it realistic to obtain interoperability
between numba.cuda and pyarrow.cuda? I am able to feed pyarrow.cuda buffer
data to numba jitted functions and it works only up to some point where the
context managers seem to interfere with each other that leads to CUDA

Best regards,