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pyarrow.cuda and numba.cuda interoperability


pa.cuda.CudaBuffer provides address and size of a device memory, so one can
construct numba.cuda MemoryPointer from a CudaBuffer instance and hence
there exists a way to pass CudaBuffer instances to numba.cuda jitted

The other way, having a device pointer and size (say, from numba.cuda
objects) and then construct a CudaBuffer from it, is not currently possible
within pyarrow.

Since C++ CudaBuffer has the corresponding constructor already that takes
the address and size (and context) to produce CudaBuffer instance, would it
make sense to support this also in Python level? [I can give the
implementation a try if so]

Is it possible to construct a pyarrow.Buffer instance from a host pointer
value and size?

Best regards,