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Getting Arrow ready to release again

hi all,

After the apache/parquet-cpp repo splice, we have some packaging work
to do in order to be able to cut the 0.11 release:

* Update and test crossbow packaging -- the parquet-cpp conda package
is now no longer necessary and should be removed
* Update release verification scripts
* Update / test that C++ API documentation works
* Decide on how to handle the version number that is written to
Parquet metadata from binary artifacts originating out of an Arrow
release (whether to use X.Y.Z-SNAPSHOT or whether to write something
else like  apache arrow-X.Y.Z in the version field)

Did I miss anything?

I'm very busy this week with the Strata conference but I'm going to
work on paring down the 0.11 backlog to assess the work that
absolutely needs to get done before we can make another release. If
others could help with trimming the backlog that would be helpful.
With luck we can cut a release candidate next week