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Re: Arrow sync at 12p Eastern today

My quick notes:

Jacques - Dremio
Wes - Ursa/R Studio
Pearu -
Uwe - Blue Yonder
Li - Two Sigma
Sidd - Dremio
Bryan - IBM
Francois - Backtrace
Ethan - Two Sigma
Ben -

Parquet Code Merge - Good progress, close. Hit some build issues for
Windows. There are targets to just build Parquet as well for people who
want those.
Timeline for 0.11 - Let’s get Parquet merge done and stablize first.
Flight - Good progress. Trying to figure out backpressure and
authentication dynamics. Wes working on getting a native impl. Packaging
issues are challenging and will probably take some time. Great to also get
feedback on dependencies and everybody’s thoughts on Kerberos.
Gandiva - Dremio team hopes to start progress on donating soon. Will need
to figure out right level of modularity for some things. For example, do we
have pyarrow with and without different things?

On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 8:36 AM Wes McKinney <wesmckinn@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> https://meet.google.com/vtm-teks-phx