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Re: Recruiting more maintainers for Apache Arrow

Hi Dimitri,

Le 02/07/2018 à 12:46, Dimitri Vorona a écrit :
> Hi Wes,
> to contribute an outsiders POW: while it is clear, what's expected if you'd
> like to make a PR, it's not at all clear to me, where would I start if I
> wanted to help with PR reviews without being heavily involved with the
> community/being a full maintainer. Should I just grab a PR, test it,
> comment on changes? I wouldn't be sure if I were stepping on someone's
> feet, tbh.

You don't have to manually test a PR, unless you want to be sure about
semantics that are not part of the tests added in the PR (but then it
would be a good idea to mention that the tests don't exercise the
semantics enough :-)).

>From my point of view (generally as an open source developer and
maintainer, this isn't specific to Arrow), reviewing is:

* checking for soundness of concepts (if the PR adds any of them)
* checking for maintainability and readability of code
* checking for smelly coding patterns, possible sources of bugs etc.
* depending on the context, checking for possible performance issues
* any potential problem that your personal expertise may help you detect

If you're not sure about a comment and hesitate posting it, a good
solution is to phrase it as a question.