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Re: Arrow 0.10.0 release timeline and coordination


I'm doing some JIRA gardening on the Python issues right now.



Le 29/06/2018 à 15:20, Wes McKinney a écrit :
> hi all,
> To follow up on our sync call from Wednesday, we need to begin
> narrowing down the remaining work needed to make the 0.10.0 release.
> To help with this, I started a 0.10.0 page in Confluence, also to test
> out the JIRA-Confluence integration, which works great:
> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/ARROW/Arrow+0.10.0
> Please help with JIRA gardening if you can so we can plot a course to
> release with luck by end of July (which means development should be
> completed by July 15-22 time frame)
> Thanks,
> Wes