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Re: [DISCUSS] issue tracker

Le 22/06/2018 à 05:36, Wes McKinney a écrit :
> To summarize the thread: a lot of people don't like change, but
> sometimes change is good. Some people have complained privately to me
> that Arrow doesn't work like any other random project on GitHub.
> Anyone who doesn't contribute to the project on account of that is,
> IMHO, not a serious contributor.

I agree that "random project on GitHub" is not a useful benchmark.

> I personally find JIRA to be an excellent tool, but it's a steeper
> learning curve than GitHub and so it does take a bit of effort to
> learn its features.

I find JIRA often painful to use (the UI is clumsy and slow for me), but
Github issues would be worse IMHO, because it has so few workflow and
categorization features.  My experience with Github issues is that, once
you have more than a couple dozen issues open, you stop caring about
most of them.  So, between JIRA and Github issues, I would still vote
for JIRA.