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Re: [DISCUSS] Concerns about the Arrow Slack channel

Thanks all. I'm intrigued by Discourse (for some reason I keep typing
"discourge.org"); we should inquire with ASF infra to see if they
would be willing to support it for us. It's important that we develop
a public record for the project, and for that data to be archived and
indexed in some place that is owned by the ASF. I'm frankly -0 on
having a fourth communication channel (outside of e-mail/JIRA/GitHub)
since three is already a lot to keep track of. If we had a larger
maintainer team, I might feel differently.

Travis had some questions about GitHub and JIRA. JIRA is the only
system of record for concrete development activity in the project. We
use GitHub pull requests to submit patches (some projects use Gerrit,
or attach patch files to JIRA), but all of the data generated on these
PRs (code review comments, etc.) is mirrored back to JIRA.
Furthermore, JIRA activity is relayed to the issues@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mailing list. So ultimately we have a public record for the project on
mailing lists.

Many newcomers have never interacted with an Apache project before,
and so when they go to http://github.com/apache/arrow their first
reaction is to look for the Issues tab to report a bug or ask for
something. For a long time we didn't have issues turned on, and we
found that people were "bouncing" rather than seeking out the mailing
list or JIRA. We'd rather capture the information somewhere rather
than lose it. We have an issue template asking people to either use
the mailing list or JIRA, but a lot of people ignore it unfortunately:

- Wes

On Thu, Jun 21, 2018 at 10:52 PM, Kenta Murata <muraken@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I heard from Kou that you’re discussing to stop using Slack.
> So I want to propose another way to use Discourse.
> On 2018/06/21 18:46:54, Dhruv Madeka <m...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The issue with discourse is that you either have to host it or pay for them
>> to host it
> Discourse provides free hosting plan for community friendly opensource projects.
> See this article for the details:
> <https://blog.discourse.org/2016/03/free-discourse-forum-hosting-for-community-friendly-github-projects/>
>> but still +1 for discourse, its a really nice format (I actually +1'ed the
>> PyTorch forum on this thread too)
> I’m also +1 for discourse because I’m managing https://discourse.ruby-data.org/ by this plan.
> Regards,
> Kenta Murata