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Rust IPC and Integration Testing


Now that the refactor I've been working on has been merged, the next
priority for me personally with the Rust implementation is getting IPC and
integration testing working.

Unfortunately the official Flatbuffers Rust version is not available yet
and my recent attempts at contacting the author have been unsuccessful so I
have started working with this fork of Flatbuffers which has Rust support:

I was able to generate code from Schema.fbs but it doesn't compile and I've
started filing issues and debugging this.

Working with this fork isn't ideal but I don't see what other choice I
have, other than just waiting for the official project to support Rust.

I'm interested to hear if anyone has any alternate suggestions. I know it
would be possible to wrap C code but I'd like to keep the Rust
implementation as a pure Rust project if possible.