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Let me introduce myself

Hello, dear Aries developers!

I participate in this mailing list and Aries development since some time
and now the time has come to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Estermann,
nickname Smasher, and I am a former Crimea resident who lives since ~16
years in Germany for now. I studied Computer Science - Internet-based
Systems at Trier University of Applied Sciences and work for Seeburger AG
for almost 5 years, where I am responsible for the migration from mixed J2E
and OSGi codebase to pure OSGi codebase. The reason for that is our
decision to discontinue using JBoss 7.1.1 as our application platform and
move to Apache Karaf. Such migration involves heavy use of Apache Aries
modules, especially Aries Blueprint, Aries Proxy, and Aries JPA because
they came as a replacement for persistence-related EJBs.

The issue which bothered me the most is
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ARIES-1783. I started investigating
it in February '18 and was able to fix it recently. I want to give thanks
to Christian Schneider for his huge support on this.

This is how I relate to Aries. Good to be a part of the story.