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Re: Cleanup JIRA releases

Fully agree.

If anyone needs more jira permissions to work on this please let me know.


Am Fr., 5. Okt. 2018 um 15:49 Uhr schrieb Raymond Auge <

> Hello All,
> I would like to make a small call to action. The release versions in JIRA
> is woefully unmaintained. There are many, MANY versions which are still
> marked unreleased.
> I would like to ask component maintainers to please take a moment and run
> through their releases and mark them as released.
> It's really simple:
> - login to JIRA
> - go to Aries project
> - on the left nav click [Releases]
> - in the search box left of [QUICK FILTERS] type the first few letters of
> your component
> - click on [Unreleased] quick filter
> - mark released versions as released
> One significant side effect of this is that the board reporting tool does
> not reflect our activities accurately. I personally believe Aries is way
> more active than the report indicates, but we all need to do our part to
> help Christian with his report. Plus it's just good project management.
> Sincerely,
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Christian Schneider

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