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Re: spifly changes

Thanks Ray!

It looks good to me except for one thing. This commit
https://svn.apache.org/r1836063 changes the log() method in the base
activator to do nothing. I understand that this is to ensure that the
framework extension has no external dependencies but that log() method is
actually used quite a lot. (Just run find . -name "*.java" | xargs grep
'log(' and you'll find 24 or so references).
I think losing those log messages may not be ideal :)

Being a framework extension you don't want to have any dependencies going
to the outside, but would it be an idea to replace those logging message
with java.util.logging ones?

Best regards,


On Mon, 16 Jul 2018 at 21:14, Raymond Auge <raymond.auge@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> @David Bosschaert, et al,
> Could you take a look at the changes I made for
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/ARIES/issues/ARIES-1814 ?
> Basically, I changed the logic that correlated the woven imported package
> back to the extender, which previously used package attributes. I replaced
> it with "uses" constraints on the osgi.extender capability:
> e.g.
> >
> osgi.extender;osgi.extender=osgi.serviceloader.processor;version:Version=1.0;uses:="org.apache.aries.spifly"
> which assures the imported package `org.apache.aries.spifly` must come from
> the extender. Make sense?
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