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Draft of OSGi R7 CDI Specification

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to announce the very first public draft of the new OSGi Enterprise
R7 CDI Integration Specification (Chapter 152) [1].

This specification, obviously, intends to bring CDI to OSGi so that one
complements the other.

CDI is of particular importance in Java because of its increasingly
intrinsic nature (just look at MicroProfile and beyond.)

OSGi CDI Integration builds from all the knowledge that has been gained
through earlier OSGi excursions into DI and IoC like blueprint [2] and
Declarative Services [3] along with CDI's powerful SPI and widely
recognized feature set to provide an uncompromising set of essential

I would highly appreciate your feedback so we can take int into account
before the spec goes final.

- Ray

[1] https://osgi.org/download/osgi.enterprise-7.0.0-early-draft-2018-06.pdf
[2] https://osgi.org/specification/osgi.cmpn/7.0.0/service.blueprint.html
[3] https://osgi.org/specification/osgi.cmpn/7.0.0/service.component.html

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