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Re: Command line argument files

FWIW, picocli is small enough to simply shade into your project. We do it
in Log4j with some CLI tooling that’s included.

On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 09:19, Stefan Bodewig <bodewig@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Remko
> On 2018-11-15, Remko Popma wrote:
> > Would there be any interest in using picocli (
> > https://github.com/remkop/picocli) as the command line parser in
> > `org.apache.tools.ant.Main`?
> Ant's core has zero dependencies and we value this property.
> > Picocli has support for @-files (https://picocli.info/#AtFiles ) to
> handle
> > cases where the length of the command line exceeds the OS limitations. (I
> > believe there was a recent request for this feature on the user list.)
> I'm pretty sure Picocli is great.
> Personally I wouldn't want to add it just to enable an edge case. Most
> people don't have Ant command lines long enough to even make them think
> about @-files. -propertyfile helps with the case of many -D options and
> then there always is the option to set the ANT_ARGS environment
> variable.
> It should be possible to provide a Picocli ArgumentProcessor that people
> who need additional features can plug into their builds and activate,
> though.
> Cheers
>         Stefan
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