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Re: Java 11 Compatibility Problem

Hi Krzysztof

I'm not actively working on Ivy so take my response with a grain of

On 2018-10-09, Dragan, Krzysztof wrote:

> Hi,

> scanning latest version of Apache Ivy(2.5.0-rc-1) using jdeprscan on
> jdk11 I noticed two problems with this jar.

> These two methods using internal jdk marked for removal and will be deleted:

>   * class org/apache/ivy/util/FileUtil uses deprecated class
>     java/util/jar/Pack200$Unpacker (forRemoval=true)
>   * class org/apache/ivy/util/FileUtil uses deprecated class
>     java/util/jar/Pack200 (forRemoval=true)

For background see https://openjdk.java.net/jeps/336

The Java community has decided to eventually remove support for the
pack200 format, but it still is there in Java11. Right now this is only
a warning, it will only become a real problem once the classes actually
get removed. They do not offer any alternative implementation right now,
and may never do (unlike the JAXB case, which is available as an
external library now).

I am aware of an alternative based on the former Apache Harmony code in
https://github.com/pfirmstone/pack200 but am unsure about its state -
both technically and legally - I very vaguely recall the Pack200 spec
was encumbered with Oracle patents but may be totally wrong.

In Ivy's case the only save option right now was to remove support for
pack200 archives and break existing setups that consume such archives
which seems to be excessive just in order to get rid of a warning.

If yu ask me I'd recommend to live with the warning for now and wait for
an alternative to the class library's pack200 classes to become
available - which hopefully happens before the Java version removing
support gets released.


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