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tstamp testMagicProperty consistently failing on Windows

The tstamp (antunit) test named "testMagicProperty" has been
consistently failing (only) on Windows for a while now[1]. Both master
and 1.9.x branches. The failure looks really odd and something that I
haven't been able to understand yet. The one interesting bit to this
failure, based on what I can find in the history, is that it fails only
on "windows-2016" node(s) but has passed (and still passes) on
"windows-2012" node(s).

Looking at the tstamp task code, I haven't yet found out what can lead
to this issue. The only way I can think of this happening is that the
number of seconds being added to the epoch is less than a day's value -
which isn't the case in that test case which adds 100000 seconds.



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