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[GitHub] ant-ivy issue #73: IVY-1104 Enable XML report parser to produce qualified ex...

Github user aprelev commented on the issue:

    @twogee, why don't we just stick with deterministic encoding like 
    extra-<qualifiedName> // e.g. extra-e:foo, extra-m:classifier, extra-foo
    since both `'-'` and `':'` are allowed name characters? This would also incur minimum changes to the codebase: literally passing `::getQualifiedExtraAttributes()` to `XmlReportWriter::extraToString()` so qualifiers can be picked up by `XmlReportParser::startElement()` automatically.
    Or, if you want to avoid using `':'` in the report (if original `extra-` prefix was supposed to replace the namespace, as you guessed it was), we could use another deterministic encoding like
    extra-<qualifier>-<name> // e.g. extra-e-foo, extra-m-classifier, extra--foo
    which would require additional encoding and decoding overhead in both XML report parser and writer, but otherwise imply no restrictions on naming?
    Also, in the name of code clarity and with respect to single responsibility principle, in my opinion, it would be better if `ExtendableItemHelper` handled both encoding and decoding of attributes (as of now, encoding is handled by `XmlReportWriter::extraToString()`).


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