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[GitHub] ant-ivy issue #73: Enable XML report parser to produce qualified extra attri...

Github user aprelev commented on the issue:

    By the way, latest commits 43ddccb859b94c79350ece7520af4c991c2bb5e6 and 5918182e0d6836d89c42260da9de4428d4cbcec0 introduced [nested "javaversion" element](https://github.com/apache/ant-ivy/blob/5918182e0d6836d89c42260da9de4428d4cbcec0/build.xml#L29), which breaks Jenkins CI build; I had to remove this for both 
    - OpenJDK 1.8.0_171, Ant 1.9.6 (July 8, 2015), Ubuntu 16.04, and
    - Java 1.8.0_181, Ant 1.9.6 (April 16, 2016), Windows 10.1709
    in order to compile Ivy.


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