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Is airflow a fit?


I am Ahlem Triki, software Engineer. Recently we started working with
Airflow and I would ask if you see Airflow as a fit to solve what we working
on, or is it an over kill. We are really in need for an airflow expert point
of view.

Here is a brief description of what  we working on:

*	Running health programs (10's to low 100's program) e.g., diabetic,
cardio, new born..  For different 100's clinics (each one customize their
own) including low 1000's of doctors
*	1000's of patients in each clinic, with a patient enrolled in one or
more of these programs
*	Each program has 

*	a time table (Time triggered) actions of sending SMS, notifications,
updating application (e.g., reminders of appointments or lab, setting calls,
sending and receiving surveys/ results AND
*	Event Triggered action, like receiving confirmation a mobile, or
email, SMS (lab results high or low, med inventory status.)
*	Each program runs for month or years or for ever (or just one single

My confusion it seems Airflow is meant more for data pipelines i.e, in my
mind computational level, vs what I'd doing is more like an application
level, hence my question is AirFlow a fit? If so any guidance, if not any


Best regards, 


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