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RE: [IE] airflow ui not showing logs

Check if the serve_logs process is running alongside your worker process(es). This is the process that takes the log files written to disk and serves them to the web UI. It should be running on port 8793 by default.


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Subject: [IE] airflow ui not showing logs

Hi All,

I'm running airflow 1.10.0 and the ui isn't showing the task logs anymore.
This has worked in the past so I'm not sure what changed. I was able to
verify that the logs are definitely being written to the same local
directory as what is specified in the airflow.cfg 'base_log_folder'. I
don't see any errors or debug in the airflow-webserver.{out|err} logs. I
tried restarting the process and it still doesn't work.

Anyone know how I can track this down?
Frank Maritato
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