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Re: Question on Running Airflow 1.10 in Kubernetes

Hi pramiti,

We're in the process of allowing baked in images for the k8s executor
(should be merged soon/possibly already merged). With this added you can
specify the worker image in the airflow.cfg pretty easily the only
potential issue with re-launching multiple times a day would be if a DAG
was mid execution. Otherwise should be fine.

WRT worker failures with the k8s executor you don't even need to shut down
the workers since the workers only last as long as the tasks do. We also
use the k8s event stream to bubble up any worker failures to the airflow UI

On Sun, Oct 14, 2018, 3:56 AM Pramiti Goel <pramitigoel20@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> We are trying to run airflow 1.10 in kubernetes.
> 1) We are running our scheduler, worker and webserver service in individual
> containers.
> 2) We are using docker image which has airflow 1.10, python 3.x. We are
> deploying our dags in docker image.
> With above architecture of airflow setup in kubernetes, whenever we deploy
> dags, we need to create new docker image, kill the current running workers
> in airflow and restart them again with new docker image.
> My question is: Is killing airflow worker (starting/stopping airflow worker
> service )many times in a day is good and advisable ? What can be the risk
> installed if worker doesn't gracefully shutdown(which i have seen quite
> some time) ?
> Let me know if this is not correct place to ask.
> Thanks,
> Pramiti