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Something May Be Wrong with the Travis CI Tests

Hi folks, especially our committers,

Something may be wrong with our Travis CI tests, unless I
misunderstood/missed something.

I'm checking *DockerOperator*, and some implementations inside are not
making sense to me. But no CI tests ever failed due to it. When I check the
log of the historical Travis CI, surprisingly, I found the test of
DockerOperator never really run (you search any one of the recent Travis

To prove this, I forked the latest master branch and tried to add "self
.assertTrue(1 == 0)" into the code of tests/operators/docker_operator.py
 and tests/operators/python_operator.py
which would for sure fail the tests. However, and as I suspected, the
Travis CI passed (
https://github.com/XD-DENG/incubator-airflow/commits/patch-6). This means
these two tests were never invoked during the Travis CI, and I believe
these two are not the only tests affected.

May anyone take a look into this? If I did misunderstand/miss something,
kindly let me know.

Many thanks!